The definition of Anarchy is a state of disorder due to absence or non recognition of authority. When it comes to the second film in the purge franchise it definitely lives up to its name. In 2013 we were first introduced to the Purge which was a great concept but the delivery and plot was not so great. While the first movie follows just one family in the confines of their house, in Anarchy we see what happens in the streets and how some people love to purge, other try to survive , while others make it their mission to fight the government and their annual Purge. The movie starts 2 hours before the purge and follows three main characters a waitress, a bickering couple and a man who has a
personal vendetta. We watch them as they prepare for this horrible night. As the purge commences several things go wrong and our set of player are stuck out in the streets. We see them come together to try to survive the night outside.



This movie to me is 20 times better than the original. I was always curious about what happens out on the streets, not just people hiding but where all the action happens. I must say my curiosity has been satisfied, I like that throughout the movie there are a few comic reliefs between all the killing I mean Purging. This movie does not disappoint. It’s full of action and surprises.

I give this movie: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
So tell me what you think of the movie!!!!
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