Sin City: A Dame to Kill for!!!!! Review

Sin city j.alba

Sin City, A place of sex, crime, corruption and Awesomness. Starting in Sin City style, a black screen with only a person speaking, and seconds later, an action image.

Sin city is based on the graphic novels by Frank Miller, it tells  different stories one with Marve, a hulk like man always looking for trouble, Dwight who we get to see his backstory and how and why he received a new face and Nancy Callahan, we see her unraveling as she mourns the love of her life killing himself, who continually haunts her. She’s aching  for some revenge. We see a very different dark side of Nancy played by Jessica Alba. I think the actors did a superb job portraying these fictional characters especially Eva Green who plays the manipulative and deceiving Ava. I really like the graphics of the movie the black and white with pops of color which drew me to the first movie. I also love how it ties some of the loose ends from the first movie that left me wondering.

FINAL  THOUGHT: Overall Sin City was a great movie. If you love  Action, seduction and some violence this is your movie.

I give this movie:*****

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My 5 favorite movies from the great Robin Williams

When I got the news of Robin Williams death, I was shocked and sad. I know death is a sad concept but I believe in remembering the good things about a person, or in Robin’s case the funny things. So here are my top 5 favorite movies from this comedic genoius. RIP!!!!!




Even though this deals is somewhat a drama Robin always found a way to provide comedic relief in a stressful situation.



Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie and I loved Genie.


When I was little I use to watch this movie over and over and over again and then some more, I’m sure my mom was sick of this movie.

1. Mrs. Doubtfire

Medea doesn’t have anything on Mrs. Doubtfire. When I was growing of Madea was out against Mrs. Doubtfire.
Doubtfire would win hands down. What a great plot and the movie would be nothing without the comedy that Robin brought.

I believe Robin left a great legacy and a template for up and coming comedic actors. So let’s celebrate his legacy and not mourn his death.

What was your favorite movie from Robin Williams?

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