Sin City: A Dame to Kill for!!!!! Review

Sin city j.alba

Sin City, A place of sex, crime, corruption and Awesomness. Starting in Sin City style, a black screen with only a person speaking, and seconds later, an action image.

Sin city is based on the graphic novels by Frank Miller, it tells  different stories one with Marve, a hulk like man always looking for trouble, Dwight who we get to see his backstory and how and why he received a new face and Nancy Callahan, we see her unraveling as she mourns the love of her life killing himself, who continually haunts her. She’s aching  for some revenge. We see a very different dark side of Nancy played by Jessica Alba. I think the actors did a superb job portraying these fictional characters especially Eva Green who plays the manipulative and deceiving Ava. I really like the graphics of the movie the black and white with pops of color which drew me to the first movie. I also love how it ties some of the loose ends from the first movie that left me wondering.

FINAL  THOUGHT: Overall Sin City was a great movie. If you love  Action, seduction and some violence this is your movie.

I give this movie:*****

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