Big Hero 6 Fa la la la la

I loved Disney movies growing up, I think I have almost every Disney movie. Well after seeing Big Hero 6 , I have to add this to my collection.

Big Hero 6 is about a genius named Hiro who teams up with a plus sized inflatablee robot named Baymax, along with other high tech student to save three world.
Hiro played by Ryan Potter goes through a spectrum of emotion throughout their movie, which Baymax is not afraid to point out.


Baymax it’s hilarious in the movie from his voice to his running and even his fist bump( fa, la,la, la, la).
The movie jumps right into action and right into the sad part too as Tadashi, Hiro’s older brother dies, but Tadashi’s creation Baymax is there to provide comic relief in sad moments. Fred does the same with his super energized, silly humor. I like the uniqueness of the city that they live in, San Fransokyo, a weird combination huh, but they make it work by bringing out the essence I each city.

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