My top 5 Favorite Disney films

5. The Little Mermaid 


Under the sea, under the sea. I loved the music in this movie. 

4. The Lion King 


I learned from this movie, was every body has a purpose and no matter how much away from it, it’s still there. 

3. Beauty and the Beast

Inner beauty

I love this movie because it teaches us about inner beauty. Belle was beautiful inside and out. 

2. Milan 


Mulan was brave for disguising herself and fighting. 

1. Aladdin

True love

I learned that true love doesn’t fit into a box. Also how important friendship is. 


Dear Shonda Rhimes,


Dear Shonda,

   Your a bad mother….. Shut your mouth just talking about Shonda. You are one of my Writing Idols.

You create unforgettable characters that do the impossible and sometimes the despicable.

You are the Queen of Plot twists, teasers and Epic endings.

How do you do it ?

I love how serious you take your craft and surround yourself with people that have the same drive, but

if they don’t  to the curb they will be because you don’t play. To see where you came from

shows me you need is drive, ambition and a darn good script.

                                                                                                      Your Loyal Fan