10 thoughts I had while watching Pitch Perfect!!!! 

Well movie fanatics I’m going to let you Inside of my brain. When I saw the first Pitch Perfect it was so funny to me that if they came out with a second one I would be first in line. Well here I a.m. and here are some thoughts that came to mind while watching. 


10. ” Elizabeth Bank directed the movie? ” 

9. ” Is Elizabeth channeling Effie( hunger games if you didn’t know) with that hair style.” 

8. “the new girl is too excited”

7. ” WHY was fat Amy the one to do the acrobatics”

6. ” Fat Amy and Bumper? ” 

5. ” The German girl is BEAUTIFUL”

4. ” BECCA can really sing” 

3. ” Aaaaawwwwww they Are graduating, brings back memories” 

2. ” Who fails classes just to be in a singing group” 

1. ” I love the original song Flashlight. It’s so beautiful” 

Bonus: ” Robin Roberts was a Bella” 


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