Sydney Poitier 


A native of Cat island in the Bahamas, Sydney was born February 20th 1927. 
Some of his top movie included
*Guess who’s coming to dinner

* In the heat of the night 

* A raisin in the sun 

*pithy and bess 

and lots more. 

He was the first African American to win an Oscar In a leading role. 

He has broken down barriers and pave the way for African American actors.

Peace, love and lots of movies,

Sarah ✌ 


Black History Month!!!!

Im so excited for black history month. Even though all year we should acknowledge our African Americans roots and people’s accomplishments. This month I am   dedicating my posts to honoring African American actors, actress

directors, producers, and others

That have impacted the film industry.  So check them out.

Peace ✌