About Ann!!!!

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My Name is Sarah Nelson I was born on November 23, 1984 in Dallas, Tx. I am the youngest of 3 girls and I am spoiled, but not too much. I was born and raised in Dallas,Tx, the oak cliff area where I attended Carter High school. After I graduated I attended Prairie View A&M university where I majored in Communication, I always loved watching television and I loved Movies even more. After I graduated in December 2008 I gave birth to my son Nathaniel, Who is the love of my life and who I would do any thing for him. After having him I taught for almost 4 years and then I got layed off, this was a very hard and trying time for me but also a very enlightening time as well. This was the time I figured out what I really loved to do and what my passion was, and that was writing( for movies to be exact). So I started the process of writing my first screenplay in august of 2012, and i am enjoying every moment, but of course i have to have a day job, I am still teaching as of now.



10 Random thing about me

1. I love Gangster Movies(Untouchables, Good Fellas, The Godfather)

2. I LOVE ROCK N ROLL(Especially 80’s rock, Journey, Foreigner and more.)

3. I love to read Young Adult fiction.

4. I Love Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books and movies.(Hunger Games)

5. I have a passion for writing of course but  I also love to Sing and Dance.

6. Always wanted to drive a race car in any 500 race (“I want to go fast” in the words of Ricky Bobby)

7. I love Broadway Musicals( Rent, Chicago, Dream girls to name a few, I wish real life just burst into song.)

8. I am a Introvert and I’m okay with that.(I like to listen more than I talk there’s nothing wrong with me.

9. I LOVE MY SON!!!!

10. I love to bake


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