Sydney Poitier 


A native of Cat island in the Bahamas, Sydney was born February 20th 1927. 
Some of his top movie included
*Guess who’s coming to dinner

* In the heat of the night 

* A raisin in the sun 

*pithy and bess 

and lots more. 

He was the first African American to win an Oscar In a leading role. 

He has broken down barriers and pave the way for African American actors.

Peace, love and lots of movies,

Sarah ✌ 


Black History Month!!!!

Im so excited for black history month. Even though all year we should acknowledge our African Americans roots and people’s accomplishments. This month I am   dedicating my posts to honoring African American actors, actress

directors, producers, and others

That have impacted the film industry.  So check them out.

Peace ✌





10 thoughts while watching “Straight Outta Compton”

Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Easy E, MC Ren, and DJ Yella, are the members that make up what some say the most dangerous group ever . Here are just a few thoughts that came to mind while viewing this biopic.  

1.” I LLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE Easy E’s lips.”

2. ” I wonder was Easy that funny in real life.”

3. “Omg how many times are they gonna say pussy” 

4. ” This movie is lllllooooonnnnnggggg.”

5. ” Dope Man please can I have another hit. Reminds me of Menace to Society.”

6. ” Wow Cube has a Chip on his shoulder” 

7. ” WHY does Paul ALWAYS play a crooked manager( type cast) 

8. ” I’m loving the Gangster motivational speech given on the bus. More dudes should do that minus the gun to the head part. ”

9. ” Snoop Dogg, Tupac, death row records I love it.” 

10. Finally ” Suge Knight you seriously need help” 

Bonus: Bye Felicia 

So tell me your thoughts on straight outta compton. 

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Til later

Peace, love, and movie on. 

10 thoughts I had while watching Pitch Perfect!!!! 

Well movie fanatics I’m going to let you Inside of my brain. When I saw the first Pitch Perfect it was so funny to me that if they came out with a second one I would be first in line. Well here I a.m. and here are some thoughts that came to mind while watching. 


10. ” Elizabeth Bank directed the movie? ” 

9. ” Is Elizabeth channeling Effie( hunger games if you didn’t know) with that hair style.” 

8. “the new girl is too excited”

7. ” WHY was fat Amy the one to do the acrobatics”

6. ” Fat Amy and Bumper? ” 

5. ” The German girl is BEAUTIFUL”

4. ” BECCA can really sing” 

3. ” Aaaaawwwwww they Are graduating, brings back memories” 

2. ” Who fails classes just to be in a singing group” 

1. ” I love the original song Flashlight. It’s so beautiful” 

Bonus: ” Robin Roberts was a Bella” 

My top 5 Favorite Disney films

5. The Little Mermaid 


Under the sea, under the sea. I loved the music in this movie. 

4. The Lion King 


I learned from this movie, was every body has a purpose and no matter how much away from it, it’s still there. 

3. Beauty and the Beast

Inner beauty

I love this movie because it teaches us about inner beauty. Belle was beautiful inside and out. 

2. Milan 


Mulan was brave for disguising herself and fighting. 

1. Aladdin

True love

I learned that true love doesn’t fit into a box. Also how important friendship is. 

Fifty shades of grey is fifty shades lighter!!!!!


Fifty shades got me looking so crazy right now! Why you ask? Well keep reading. Fifty shades of Grey, the most anticipated movie adaptation to the hot and kinky book hit theaters last night. The question on a lot of fan’s minds is, does it have the same amount of kinkyness as the books? Well for you perverts thinking that shame on you. Fifty shades of Grey it’s about when literature student Anastasia Steele Lube being turned upside down when she meets the handsome and sexy Christian Grey. Speaking of Mr. Grey, played by Jamie Dornan was exactly what I envisioned him to look like. He was very Dapper, with piercing eyes and did I mention that heavenly body of his. But it’s Anastasia that steals the show. When the trailer first came out I was disappointed to see her, but she definitely bright some funny lightness to this movie with her with remarks.

What would fifty shades be without a little kinky and raunchyness. The sex scenes are a little toned down for ratings sake, there no private part showing. I love the scenery and the landscape of the movie very beautiful. I won’t get into the ending I’ll let you see for your self.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Even though it’s toned down a bit. I like the movie. Would I see it again probably not.
Check it out and tell me what you think!!!!!!

Keep calm and watch a movie🎬

As above, so below review!!!!


As above so below what can I say about it. This movie is a mixture between Indiana jones, the goonies with a little bit of Blair witch project sprinkled on top.

As above follows a young archeologist who is trying to finish her father’s life work. She is looking for something important and in order get it she has to go down in the catacombs of Paris, but she doesn’t go alone, she takes along some people with her. This movies has some scary parts to it, if your a claustrophobic person, because you wouldn’t catch me down there, I have always wanted to visit Paris but a grave is Not on my itinerary. As the movie goes along I was expecting this big climax in which we would truly get it but that never came. And the movie
FINAL THOUGHT: This movie was not good to me.
I give this movie : 🌟🌟